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Agents, I'd love to have you partner with me at Powerhouse.

When you partner with me at eXp, you can expect a game changing experience.

Collaboration over Competition

Our agents are not all local, we're nationwide. When something works in one agent's business, we all learn about it and can implement it into our own. And let me tell you... the collaboration is unreal. From how to get more link clicks on social media to what mailers have the best success rates, it's always such valuable information in our Tuesday meetings!

Access to Trainings + Meetings

If you were to join under me, you'd also gain access to 3 amazing group trainings and meetings as well. You'd gain access to all of Powerhouse's trainings, weekly meetings, and the shared Trello board. There are roughly 300 agents in this group, so you can imagine the collaboration that happens! You'd also gain access to the Fast Forward Movement Mastermind's trainings and events as well as Team GoGo's! Our Powerhouse meetings are every Tuesday morning 11am PST and Thursday mornings for the top producing agents.

Low Overhead Costs + a $16,000 cap.

The capping program at eXp is amazing. It's low AND you have the ability to get money back through stocks when you reach a certain level. The overhead is an $85 a month fee. Run the numbers for your business and see if this would make sense for you.

If you join me, you can expect to learn more about attracting clients through social media, elevate your marketing, and join the community of modern business growth! I'd love to chat with you about what exactly it would look like for you!

Schedule a Zoom Call with me to see what truly happens within Powerhouse...

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