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Top 3 Features Buyers Look for in a Kitchen

Updated: Jan 8, 2020

Kitchens are one of the most important rooms in a home. It's where family and friends gather to prepare, cook, and enjoy meals. Your friends come over for Monday Night Football and end up eating chips and grabbing a soda from the kitchen; your family gathers in the kitchen every Christmas; birthday cakes are surrounded and "Happy Birthday" is sung in the kitchen- there are many reasons why this room is the heart of a home.

There are three features that buyers are focusing on in the kitchen:

1. Eat-In Kitchens

Breakfast nooks and island seating are two examples of eat-in kitchen settings. Breakfast nooks make a room feel welcoming and traditional. The comfy cushions along the bench create a casual space for all to enjoy. Sitting at the island of a kitchen is the most common form of seating in a kitchen. Grab your plate, throw food on it, and eat at the center of where food is served among family and friends. Eat-in kitchens accompany the fast-paced lifestyle that is so common in today's world. Forget the formal dining where the food is cooked!

2. Energy Efficient Appliances (Updated Appliances)

There's a big difference between energy use of a 1980s refrigerator vs. today's fridge. Today's technology makes ovens, dishwashers, and refrigerators more efficient than ever- and buyers want them! Updating appliances is one less thing to worry about after they move in, and it helps lower utility bills. The kitchen is the room with the most energy... so be efficient!

3. Walk-in Pantries

Storage, storage, storage! Top to bottom storage allows for plenty of room to keep all of your baking and cooking ingredients. If you're an organized person like me, your pantry will be easy for you and your friends to find food in. If your counters are cluttered and you're looking to free up space, use a walk-in pantry to store bigger items (such as toasters and rice cookers). Don't overcrowd your counter space...use the pantry to store all ingredients & items!




Shabby’s Kitchen + Sweets is located in Winters Collective in Downtown Winters, CA. This mother-daughter duo, features fresh baked items, candies, chocolates, and some healthy treats. They bake everything out of their home kitchen and then transfer it to the shop downtown. They pride themselves in satisfying any sweet craving you have and make sure that every item you receive is homemade with love.

Follow them on Instagram to see their latest updates:

@shabbys_bakery •

Abbey Mariani


Address: 41 Main St. Winters, Ca 95694

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