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Safety in the Industry

Updated: Jan 8, 2020

Safety always needs to be our number 1 priority. Real Estate Agents often get caught up in making the next transaction that we put safety behind getting our next paycheck. As a new agent, I had experiences within my first few months of working in the industry where my safety became important.

Open Houses

One of the most commonly discussed topics regarding "safety" has to do with open houses.

• When setting up a counter display for an open house, it is important to determine the location. An ideal location is near an exit because there should always be an escape route, or two.

• People have targeted open houses to steal belongings, so always suggest the owners to hide or take valuable belongings out of the house.

• It is recommended to agents to count how many people enter and make sure everyone is out before ending the open house.

• Having a form of defense, such as pepper spray, is a good idea because you never know who is going to walk through that front door.

• Prospective buyers should be aware of who else is in the room with them and keep in mind how to exit if necessary.

Showing Houses

Safety precautions should be taken when agents and clients go through properties.

• It's safer to show properties during daylight hours, but if it is necessary to show at night, make sure all lights are on and blinds are open.

• It is important to know the person you're walking through the property with, and if you don't, meet with them at the office first.

• Agents, let your receptionist or colleagues know where you will be and for about how long.

• Clients, if your house is being shown, don't leave personal information out on the counters and remove all valuable items.

• When parking at the property, park on the curbside to avoid getting blocked in the driveway.

Phone Calls

Real Estate Agents have their numbers posted everywhere, so knowing when to answer and hang up is important.

• Avoid answering "No Caller ID" calls. If they wanted you to know who they are, they would show their number.

• If the phone call gets weird, hang up. It's not worth your time to entertain someone on the phone.

• Know who you're talking to and be aware of people claiming to be someone they're not.

Whether you're an agent or a client, it is important to know when to trust your gut and leave a situation. Safety is important!

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