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Qualities to Look for in an Agent

Choosing an agent is SO important!! It can seriously make or break your experience of buying/selling a home. Here are some qualities to look for and what I truly pride myself with as your local agent!!


I have all of the timelines sent to you once in contract so you’re aware of our calendar and I’m on top of these dates! My files are also extremely organized, so a year after your transaction if you’re in need of something (like an inspection report or final settlement statement), I know exactly where to find it! I also double and triple check my contracts before sending them out- one small mistake can mean big changes to the escrow so I’m always checking my work carefully!


Most things that come up before or during a transaction in real estate are somewhat urgent and require FAST communication; such as the deadline for an offer to be submitted is 1 hour after we tour it OR someone wants to tour your property in a half hour. Part of my job is to communicate with my clients, other agents, lenders, title companies, and inspectors to insure the tasks get done and everyone is on the same page. I pride myself on fast responses and my clients know what to expect when working with me!


I am an agent with a problem solving mindset and true loyalty. I’m always trying to come up with ideas to solve a problem, and I have a team of people that I talk to for even more ideas for a creative solution. This is so important because you need to know that your agent has your back and is fighting for you.

These are just 3 of the qualities to look for…others include knowledge, networks, experience, honesty, drive, work ethic, etc.

Don’t settle for your sister-in-law’s cousin’s uncle….really look at the qualities of the person when choosing an agent! I’d love to chat with you if you’re looking for someone to represent you on your next transaction- message me on here or visit my website to get info about selling or buying!

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