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Falling for the Decor

Updated: Jan 8, 2020

Ring in the harvest season by incorporating the warm colors of fall through pumpkins, pillows, blankets, and table settings!


Line the entry to your home with groupings of pumpkins to bring the feeling of fall to your front door! Place 3 or 5 pumpkins per group of different shapes/sizes up the steps of your entry or along your entry path. "Odd numbers force your eyes to move around the grouping–and by extension, the room. That forced movement is the heart of visual interest. It’s for that reason that a set of three is more appealing and memorable than something paired off in two’s". (apartment theory). Pumpkins are also a great candle holder or succulent pot. The smaller pumpkins are great for mini candles, and all you have to do is carve the top of the pumpkin to the size of the candle. Succulents look great when they're overflowing out of a pumpkin, especially because succulent decor is SO IN right now! Another tip to make pumpkins unique is by painting them instead of carving. Does your home have more gold or black tones? Paint polka-dots or stripes on the pumpkins to keep them in sync with the design of your home, they will also last longer that way!


Get out those seasonal pillows and blankets! Not only are they great for bundling up on the couch, but you can use blankets to make your table cozy by placing them on the benches and chairs. Throw some extra harvest-themed pillows and an orange blanket at the foot of your bed to bring the season into the bedroom. Odd numbers and the rule of 3 play into pillow and blanket decorating as well, so use 1 throw blanket and 2 pillows to decorate a sofa or window seat!


Keep the table setting classic by using white plates and adding fall elements to the center of the table. Small pumpkins and bold colored leaves provide seasonal color to the table, and candles are great for keeping the tone elegant. Weaving twine or ribbon with words that represent blessings, such as "health" and "family", is a unique way to incorporate what you're thankful for into the decor. Adding antlers, either natural or painted gold, is a great touch and provide a rustic feel by bringing the outdoors in. Are you hosting Friendsgiving or Thanksgiving and need name tags? Tie printed name cards to small pumpkins and place the pumpkins on plates for a creative way for people to find their spot!




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