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Country Property: Pros & Cons

Roosters crowing in the morning, the view of tractors in the field, wide open landscapes, the ability to have an unlimited amount of animals, a private pond, a barn full of horses, farming your own fields, little-to-no sound of traffic, and privacy.... If any of this sounds good to you, you might be up for living in the country!



WINTERS, CA, 95694


2618 SQFT (including screened in porch)

2.15 ACRES

List Price: $825,000

A screened in porch, basement, &

shaded RV/boat/trailer parking are just a few of the perks!

Lyon Real Estate



Privacy: With few to no neighbors, the privacy increases. No more worrying about hosting a party and being too loud, or not being able to go to sleep because your neighbors are too loud. Adding a gate to the property makes it extra secure, which also means no more solicitors knocking on your door.

Space: Plenty of room to let your kids and dogs run around the yard, host big gatherings, or make your yard into a venue.

The Views: Depending on the location of the country property, you can have views of mountains, rivers, lakes, agriculture, and open landscapes. Sit out on your front porch and enjoy a picture perfect view of the surroundings while sipping a hot cup of coffee every morning.

Opportunities: Do you have horses? Have you always wanted horses? Do you want a private pond filled with fish? Do you or your kids ride dirt bikes? Do you own your own business that requires extra storage space for large equipment? Country living is the perfect set up to have animals on your property, a man made pond, a dirt bike track, or the ability to build a big shop! The opportunities are endless!


Distance: Country properties are usually set a little further from town, so the grocery stores, retail stores, and gas stations are a few more miles & minutes away.

Bugs & Dirt: Dust from farming and bugs are two things you can't get away from when living in the country- so be sure these don't bother you too much!

Upkeep: Mowing large areas of lawn, disking a horse arena, and gardening take time and energy. But, a low maintenance property can be found if that sounds like a better fit for you!

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