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Buying a New Build Home

Updated: Feb 10, 2022

Purchasing new construction is a little different than a previously-owned home, and there are definitely pros and cons.

As A Buyer:

Everything is NEW.  The smell of fresh, new construction is what you walk into.  New excitement in the community, new paint on the walls, new water heater, new roof, new warranties!  The beautiful granite counter tops and big new sink look great in the farmhouse-styled kitchen!  The surrounding homes are pretty too- there's no random house that needs fixing up in the neighborhood.

No one has lived there before you, so there is no seller who is emotionally attached to the property.  This is beneficial because it keeps the emotional aspect out of buying real estate and negotiations are not based on emotional ties such as "My grandfather built this home in the 1800s" or "I raised 5 kids and 4 dogs in this house".

Sometimes the design freedom is yours! If the building company allows, you may be able to pick out colors, styles, and appliances early on in construction.  This allows you to express your uniqueness in a replicated home.

The cookie-cutter layouts of new construction aren't for everybody though.  The lot sizes aren't typically huge and that may mean giving up some privacy.  The new landscaping will take years to develop and need a lot of caring for the first few years.  Most of the time, new construction areas aren't close to downtowns, so you might be looking at a longer commute too.

Whether you decided to purchase a home that is new construction or not, always weigh your pros and cons and consult your real estate trusted advisor!

As A Realtor:

The process is different.  There is no traditional offer and the price typically cannot be negotiated. The commission is a flat fee, almost like a referral fee from the builder.   Once into escrow, the builder's side takes care of all of the documents and sends it over to everyone for signatures.  There are no Requests for Repair forms or negotiations of closing costs.  The Realtor is not required to go to the inspections or final walk through, but I will be attending as YOUR Realtor so I can help answer any questions and be in the loop!

It is not the beauty of a building you should look at; its the construction of the foundation that will stand the test of time. — David Allan Coe

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